2019 FBU Gun of the Year

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Available for Purchase, Limited Quantities (25)
Numbers Released on First Come Basis.
Reserve Your # Engraved "Collector's Gun"
$1049.99 engraved and shipped to your local FFL
Payment Plan available w/ $100.00 Deposit, Final Payment due December 31, 2019

Engraved Per Gun "FurBearers Unlimited Gun Year 2019 1 of 25"
For an additional $75.00 you can have your name engraved as well!

Retail $1199.99 with Custom Engraving

Order Information:  FBU Business Office 812-277-9670

FurBearers Unlimited Non - Profit 501 C3
Sister Organization of the National Trappers Association

America's Favorite Rifle!

• Light recoil & little muzzle blast = ideal choice for those wishing to avoid heavy recoil

• American walnut stock

• 24-Inch Barrel

• Super Cell Recoil Pad

• Four-round magazine

• Sling swivel studs

• 54% recoil reduction over standard pad.

AMERICA’S FAVORITE RIFLE - The Remington Model 700, a rifle with no equal, and a superior  performer in every way. Its accuracy and dependability have become the standard by which all  other centerfire rifles are measured and continually fall short.
• American walnut stock with raised cheek piece is enhanced by a distinctive black fore-end cap and  satin finish.
• The X-Mark externally adjustable trigger system breaks like glass, has virtually zero creep. It  delivers true custom-grade performance and is user-adjustable.
• Built around the legendary Remington 700 action with 3 rings-of-steel. The Remington 700 action  has long been the standard by which others are judged, and the foundation of countless custombuilt rifles.
• Hammer-Forged 24-inch satin blued barrel, hinged floor-plate with a four-round magazine and  sling swivel studs.
• Super Cell Recoil pad. Ten years of rigorous R&D have produced the most effective recoil pad on  the planet. An amazing 54% reduction in recoil over the standard pad.
• The light recoil and little muzzle blast of the 7mm-08 makes it an ideal choice for younger shooters,  women and anyone who wishes to avoid the recoil of the magnum calibers, while providing plenty  of power for a wide range of game including antelope, deer, black bear, elk, and moose.