2023 FBU Print of the Year

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Keisha Tran
FBU Fundraising Coordinator
Email: keishatran.fbu@yahoo.com
Phone: 605-830-9251

Furbearers Unlimited is excited to present the fifth print of our Limited Five-Year Collectible Series by artist and trapper, Adrian Romero. Each year Adrian will produce a new print exclusively for FBU.

With each new painting there will only be 30 prints available. Once these limited numbered prints are gone, there will be no more.

The only way to acquire one of these prints is through one of FBU's banquets, fundraisers, or through one of our State Partnership Programs.

For more information about your state partnering with FBU on this unique fundraiser, or to find out how you may obtain your very own collectible print, contact our Fundraising Coordinator, Keisha Tran, at keishatran.fbu@yahoo.com

About the Artist

Adrian Romero is not only an expert artist who hails from the Southwest, he's also published articles, been a podcast guest and is an avid supporter of trapping rights throughout the United States.
He was honored by the National Trappers Association with the Trapper of the Year - West award in 2019 for his outstanding efforts on behalf of trappers and trapping.